Albion Online: Avoid feeling that waste Learning Points

Posted by JACK on 08:23 AM, 13-Aug-16

My suggestion is that a piece of gear should show a player all of the abilities it can ever have regardless of their skill in the use of that Albion Online Items. The user interface is already designed to show us them all at full development. Why not allow it to us show us all of that we can do with that type of piece in the future and then gray out or place a numeral representing the, "tier unlocked at" on the ones we cannot yet use because we haven't skilled to that tier? This will allow new players to plan better in the future. more below but that is the to the point.

When we begin the game and are new we have no idea what some of this is. When we look at the skill tree we know it is all there but that doesn't make it any easier to face the epic task of deciding our path to the abilities we prefer.

After a few trials and errors most of settle on our favorites and stick with some. Some of us get lost and don't recover and never excel but instead become a jack of all trades.

What we ALL have in common is the regret of at least a few poorly or impatiently spent Learning Points. We wish we could get more albion online gold for sale or know what we know now, back then.

Think back. For me, it was all because I couldn't look at every ability from the start. I mean yes, I could ,... They are all there.. But I didn't know that. It seemed like I never knew when I was going to have to change out my gear entirely. (the fact journeyman's doesn't have as much variety as later tiers), was not a clue. Nor was it a help that a Mace will get me to Tier 4 and then I can't even see Flails Great Maces on the LP because they are hidden under the little (?) next to the Mace description in the specialization window. A player is inclined to think they need to keep swinging a Mace of the next higher tier until they get to that Flail Specialization on the outer edge of the learning point wheel.

How Improve Solo/Small Group PvP in Albion Online

Posted by JACK on 08:32 AM, 09-Jul-16

A few ideas to help solo players and small groups avoid being outnumbered and ganked in red zones. These aren't intended to be perfect as Albion Online Silver, but hopefully some of them might help the dev/design team come up with some ideas.   Sector Indicators   Each map is broken into 25 sectors. The server tracks exactly how many flagged and how many... [Read More]

Some Blade & Soul Basic Information

Posted by JACK on 01:49 AM, 23-Mar-16

To start, I would like to get some basic information about your hardware and drivers so we can see how you are running the game. To do this with Blade & Soul Gold, we use a Windows command called ""DxDiag."" To run Dxdiag: Type the Windows key + ""R"" and type in ""dxdiag"" (without the quotes) in the Run Window. When the... [Read More]

Blade & Soul PVP Soul Shield

Posted by JACK on 01:42 AM, 22-Mar-16

Keys are free from dailies but using keys isn't free because you're losing an item you could have sold, so you're losing an equivalent amount of currency. Plus I'm hoarding Moonwater Valor Stones since the Silverfrost Valor Stones are very very useful at 50 (you need hundreds) and you can upgrade Moonwater to Silverfrost so I don't normally take keys. Also... [Read More]